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New Patients at Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic

Welcome to our practice! Come in and make yourself comfortable; our staff will take good care of you!

Before Your First Visit

Whether you book an appointment online or by phone, you can expect a call from our practice manager to ensure you received your Google Forms online, and that it’s completed before you come in for your scheduled visit. If the form is not received before it’s time to come, you’ll receive a second call to confirm you wish to keep the appointment. You’ll be asked to arrive early to complete the form in the office before meeting your doctor.


When You Arrive

On arrival at our clinic, you’ll receive a big smile and be greeted by name. Our staff will offer you a drink, show you where the restrooms are, and help you complete your forms if not already done. As your first visit will be about 60 minutes, please plan accordingly.

Once you’re in the examination room, your chiropractor will review your health history with you, discuss your concerns, and what your goals are from care. Next, you’ll go through several exams and tests, including orthopaedic and neurological exams, and traditional chiropractic testing like motion palpation, postural assessment, and others.

We also have our patients do a test known as an SFMA—Selective Functional Movement Assessment. It consists of a series of 11 movements or positions that we ask you to try to complete. This allows us to determine any deficiencies or things that we need to improve on. If X-rays are needed, you’ll have them done at this time as well.

Once all your results have been received, your chiropractor will discuss what’s been found, and how we can correct the misalignment through chiropractic adjustments. Everything is explained in full. If you choose to continue, we’ll proceed with care. Your care is always your choice.

When You Return

On your second visit, we review your care plan in depth, and answer any questions or concerns you might have before you get care. This visit is typically about 30 minutes; we’ll never rush you out the door.

Ongoing appointments range between 15-30 minutes, depending on your plan. Every visit is important; your care is important to us.

Book Now

Book online at your convenience to get started with care as soon as you’d like. We’re here for you!

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