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About Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic in Seabrook

sign outside our practiceEmbracing Our Community

After 15 years working in the Point Cook area in the personal training and fitness industry, Dr Brian Resurreccion (Chiropractor) decided to channel his energy into opening his first chiropractic clinic in 2003. Many of his first patients came to him from the fitness industry, and continue to come from sports and athletic fields as well. We enjoy the community feel at our practice.

When patients come to our practice, they know they’re not going to have a cookie-cutter experience. Every patient is special, and our experienced team members treat you that way. We spend the time to design a care plan to fit your individual needs, and provide you with the best possible results.


A Hands-on Approach

At Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic, we work to correct spinal misalignments with chiropractic adjustments and ensure your nervous system is healthy and functioning properly. We dig deep to find the root cause of your pain, and not just address the symptoms, so you get relief that lasts. We restore balance to your body, allowing it to heal itself.

With so many team members having sports backgrounds, it’s quite natural for our practice to have a strong sports focus too. We help athletes of all ages heal, get stronger, and prevent future injuries.

Focused Care for Your Family

At our Point Cook location, we enjoy working with families. In addition to natural chiropractic care, we offer remedial massage therapy, and clinical pilates to provide the best options for your healing.

Some techniques we employ include Gonstead, Diversified, Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT), The Activator® Method, Dry Needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM), and Sports Taping.

A combination of one or more modalities may offer superior results than one alone. We also prescribe exercises to strengthen your body to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Working With the Community

Dr Brian loves giving back, especially where the kids are involved. There are three jerseys hanging in our Point Cook lobby from the local footy and basketball teams we support. And we also get quite a few referrals from gyms and clubs in the area we support.

Take the Next Step

We’re here to help relieve your pain and achieve optimal health. Contact our practice today.

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