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Meet the South Yarra Chiropractic & Wellness Team

Point Cook and South Yarra Chiropractor: Dr Brian Resurreccion (Director and Sports Chiropractor)

Dr. Brian Resurreccion

Point Cook and South Yarra, Dr. Brian Resurreccion

Chiropractor Dr Brian’s passion for health and fitness stemmed early in his years competing in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, athletics and swimming at club and at university levels. He completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement with studies focusing on biomechanics, rehabilitation, exercise prescription and nutrition. He has over 10 years experience as a Fitness Advisor and Personal Trainer working in various fitness centres around Melbourne.

In this time he furthered his studies in chiropractic gaining a double degree in Clinical Science and Chiropractic Science. In his eight years of full time study, Brian covered professional courses including anatomy, physiology, radiology, pathology, diagnosis and other sciences but he lists biomechanics, radiology, neurology and clinical skills among his favourites.…read more »

After graduating from RMIT University he worked in various Chiropractic Clinics around Melbourne before settling in Point Cook. “Each year,” continues Brian, “I enjoy attending various seminars and workshops to keep up with the latest in research and developments in the chiropractic profession.”

There is a strong sense of community in our practice. As a local resident of Point Cook himself of over 15 years, he has seen the area blossom and has enjoyed being a source of quality natural health care over the years.

He has special interest in Sports Chiropractic as well as Paediatric Chiropractic and takes great joy in assisting these groups. He has attained an advanced training in Sports Chiropractic gaining his International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma which allows him to treat at international sporting events such as the Olympic Games and World Games. He has completed advanced studies in Paediatric Chiropractic.

“We love sceptics,” says Brian. “I still remember the concerns and apprehension I had when I went to the chiropractor for the first time. So we make it a point to explain everything in advance, answer questions and attempt to over communicate. Patients appreciate that.”

Brian is married to Dr Fabiola, who has many roles at the practice. They work tremendously well as a team and their patients really appreciate the personal attention they receive at the practice.

Brian and Fabiola are great proponents of healthy living and when not joyfully caring for their patients, they can often be found exercising at the local gym, jogging in the streets or walking their dog. They understand that health is a lifestyle choice.

“Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call, or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.”

Point Cook and South Yarra Chiropractor: Dr Fabiola Resurreccion (Director and Chiropractor)

Dr. Fabiola Resurreccion

Point Cook and South Yarra Chiropractor: Dr. Fabiola Resurreccion

Dr Fabiola Resurreccion attended RMIT University in Melbourne, where she received a Bachelor of Health Science and her Masters of Chiropractic. Dr Fabiola strives to take her patients well beyond pain relief and towards reaching their fullest health potential. She is passionate about providing the best quality chiropractic care for families from newborns to the elderly.

Dr Fabiola performs a variety of techniques including low force methods (Activator/Drop piece), Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), Diversified and Gonstead Spinal Adjustments, Mobilisations, Specific Rehabilitation Exercises, Clinical Pilates, Dry Needling, Deep Tissue Release Techniques (Myofascial Release, Cross Friction and Trigger Point Therapy). Dr Fabiola has chosen to devote her life to assisting people with their health and performance through chiropractic and health education. This passion to contribute has stemmed over a number of years where she worked as a Remedial Massage Therapist.…read more »

In 2012 Fabiola took part in a charity organisation (International Children’s Care Australia) where they volunteered their time in Cambodia to give chiropractic care to orphanages and families in villages. That experience further cemented her desire to serve others.

As a member of the CAA (Chiropractic Association of Australia) she is part of an ongoing learning environment being presented with new modalities and learning opportunities to strengthen her understanding of chiropractic and deliver the best care possible. Dr Fabiola is continually furthering her knowledge to stay up to date with the latest treatment techniques and is currently completing her post-graduate studies in Sports Chiropractic.

Dr Fabiola is married to Dr Brian Resurreccion who is also a Chiropractor and also works in the same clinics. When she is not in the office, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her two young children and her husband. She enjoys walking her dog and getting outside of her comfort zone. This includes pushing herself physically with strength training, Crossfit and weekend yoga. As a chiropractor, she takes an all-natural approach to parenting. Healthy eating and exercising regularly allows Dr. Fabiola to maintain balance in her life.

In pursuit of her native roots from Nicaragua, Central America Dr Fabiola decided to create an active wear brand called VIDAACTIV which translates to “Life Active” in Spanish. She lives by her mantra “Viva la vida!” (Live your life!)

Areas of Interest: Women’s Health, Pilates and Yoga, Musculoskeletal Complaints, Sports Injury Management, Injury Rehabilitation and Improving Sports Performance, Posture and Ergonomics, Chronic pain.

She looks forward to helping you and your family reach your optimal health potential.

Dr. Caleb Noles Chiropractor

Dr. Caleb Noles

Dr Caleb Noles, Chiropractor

Caleb completed his double degree of Bachelor in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University and is excited to join the team at South Yarra Chiropractic and Wellness. Growing up in country South Australia, Caleb developed a passion for sport at a young age, which heavily influenced his interest and desire to work in the health profession. Caleb has a keen interest in the treatment and management of sporting injuries and chronic pain patients. He enjoys balancing ‘hands on’ treatment with rehabilitation and exercise to ensure patients can get out of pain and back to enjoying the things they love. Caleb is also passionate about tailoring individual treatment plans to get the best outcomes for each patient.

Dr. Amy Delac Chiropractor

Dr. Amy Delac

Dr Amy Delac, Chiropractor

Dr Amy Delac has been a chiropractor in the South Yarra clinic for 7 years and continues to love helping her patients move towards achieving optimal health and wellbeing. Dr Amy has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complimentary Medicine) and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic. She has also completing her studies as a Sports Chiropractor.

Dr Amy is a member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia and Sports Chiropractic Australia. Dr Amy practices a variety of chiropractic techniques, consisting of gentle adjusting techniques, soft tissue, dry needling and mobilisation. Dr Amy is passionate about all things health and wellbeing.

Dr Amy’s number one priority is helping her patients get out of pain, through an understanding of the underlying factors of their injury. Dr Amy is focused on helping her patients work towards their long term goals through chiropractic and effective lifestyle changes.

Dr. Linh Phan

Dr. Linh Phan

Point Cook and South Yarra Chiropractor: Dr Linh Phan

Dr Linh Phan’s adoration and enthusiasm for Chiropractic arose from an early age and his passion only grew after extensive studies at RMIT University.Motivated and aspiring for further heights, he is enthusiastic in promoting health and wellbeing as well as providing treatment and care with the team at Sanctuary Lakes Chiropractic and South Yarra Chiropractic.

Dr Linh has gained experience through providing chiropractic care at The Wellington Community Clinic in Collingwood where he built strong clinical expertise in Diversified, Soft Tissue Therapy, Drop Piece and Activator Techniques. He has also been trained in kinesiology taping, dry needling and cupping.

He enjoys treating chronic neck and back pain as well as sporting related injuries and takes a patient focused approach to achieving patient goals helping them return to the normal function and pre-injury activities.]

Elissa Semmens

Elissa Semmens

Elissa Semmens | Remedial Massage Therapist

Elissa has been working as a Remedial Therapist for the past 6 years. She completed her diplomain Remedial Therapy at Sage Institute of Massage in 2014. She also completed studiesin Advanced Cupping and Dry Needling. She is now currently undertaking studies in Pilates. She takes great pride in helping clients achieve their goals and maintain their well-being. She loves working alongside other modalities as the benefits of massage and chiropractic care work and in hand with each other. As many of her long term clients know, she has quite a firm hand but will always adjust to what her clients need.

Please call Elissa on 0435 802400 to make bookings or visit https://ywbremedial.cliniko.com/bookings for online bookings.

Photo of Dr Richard Norrish, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Richard Norrish
Clinical Psychologist

Dr Richard Norrish, Clinical Psychologist

For appointments and other communication, please contact Dr Norrish directly on 0422 255 145.

Lucy Goode Clinical Psychologist

Lucy Goode
Clinical Psychologist

Lucy Goode, Clinical Psychologist

For appointments and other communication, please contact Lucy directly on 0404 629 219.

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give our office a call or send us an email today.